Obsocialbookmarker’s Weblog

In this new release I have added few new book marks and hoping to add more and fine tune it in future release.


In this new release I have corrected some bugs related to Ajax Blind Effects and add new feature where a admin will be able customize Ajax Blind Effects with their own HTML style.

Download Obsocialbookmarker

Under Blogroll, I have added to link to Obsocialbookmarker’s Sandbox.

This will anybody to see the bookmarker in action!



Added following new bookmarks:


  • Linkatopia
  • Gabbr


  • i89

Corrected few bugs related to AJAX effects on home page where multiple post showing.

Added following new bookmarks:


  • bumpzee
  • indianpad


  • kudo


  • rec6
  • linkk
  • domelhor
  • eucurti

Apart from addition of above bookmark, I made some changes in architecture of plugin.

To update simply overwrite you directory without deactivating the plugin.

Guys, please note that this is not application to bookmark’s bar showing after or before excerpt.

I am still doing research on it.